Kitchen REvamping: Step-by-step

Updated: Feb 28, 2021


It is so helpful to understand what you are getting into, before taking the leap into revamping your kitchen. Especially, since a kitchen is such a vital part of the home! Not only is it the place where we connect with family and friends, but where we also prepare multiple meals daily. This is the main reason so many of us delay or deny any form of revamping or redesign. The sheer inconvenience of having NO kitchen or having to relocate to another space in the house can be overwhelming, deeply frustrating and hugely inconvenient.

When opting to repaint your kitchen, there are several benefits:

  1. Most surfaces can be painted including melamine, wrapped doors, veneer, chipboard, solid wood, previously painted and varnished and even tiles and glass!

  2. You save up 60% painting versus replacing and will serve you for years to come.

  3. You have use of your kitchen throughout the revamp

  4. It's less invasive as a large portion of the work is done off-site

Once you have approved the quote, chosen your design and colours we schedule a start and handover date for your kitchen revamp. YAY! The countdown begins until we start, and then finally handover your 'new' kitchen.

Here is an overview of the 7 steps involved in revamping your kitchen:

Step 1: Any doors, loose panels, shelving, drawer fronts are removed and taken off-site. (1 day)

Step 2: All removed pieces are revamped off-site (7-8 days)

Step 3: The team returns to your home to sand down the fixed units. This is the noisy part. Here, units are also cleaned and washed down. Care is taken to cover any doorways, and exposed shelving/furniture to minimise dust. (1-2 days)

Step 4: FINALLY, we start prepping for painting!

Step 5: Paint, paint, paint! This is a hand-painted finish that is neat and without drips or brush streaks.

Step 6: More painting.... (steps 4-6 is 2-3 days)

Step 7: Cleaning and handover (1 day)

This is an estimate based on previous jobs and will vary from kitchen to kitchen depending on the size, access to the home and any unplanned delays from other contractors such as tilers, painters or builders etc.

From old to new in approximately 15 working days. Sounds great, doesn't it? Check out some our previous revamps here.

For an estimate contact us via email at Please send pictures of your current kitchen, your dream vision and home address.

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