7 Tips for DIY House Painting

Find the right paint for your home

The type of paint you choose depends on a number of factors:

Size of house: As you most likely be purchasing in large quantities of 10-20L buckets, the easiest way is simply to walk it out. Your feet should be about 1m apart so it is like taking a really big step. This helps the specialist at your local paint shop determine how much paint you will need. It is advisable to overestimate the amount required. Unopened tins can often be returned to the store unless it’s a custom mix. Check their return policy around this.

Condition of house: Large cracks or small cracks? Some paints have a stretchy silicone or fibres that allow for the paint to stretch they can fill or cover cracks as you paint.

Weather: Consider the amount of sun, wind and rain the house is exposed to.

Texture: How smooth or stippled is the existing paint? Or is it concrete or brick?

Budget: How much are you planning to spend? If you are unsure, it might help to get various quotes for a few different brands for deciding

Armed with all the above, you should be able to make an educated choice with the assistance of your local paint shop.

2. Pace yourself

This project took us WAY longer than we thought with the hardest parts being painting whilst sitting on the ground, painting under fascia boards and working around the many plumbing pipes. We eventually found a slower rhythm and took it day-by-day abandoning our initial goal to complete in one week. If you have a tight deadline it might be advisable to get a professional company in to do the job.