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Armour Matt Sealer

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The Mother of ALL Sealers!

Granny B's Armour is a resilient and weather resistant coating that can be used on all indoor and outdoor surfaces that are exposed to high traffic. Suitable for use on cupboard doors, outdoor furniture, counter tops and even floors!

Granny B's Armour is a marriage of technologies combining a polyurethane and a fine particle size core shell pure acrylic. It dries to a clear film which forms an attractive, tough coating with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Granny B's Armour exhibits excellent adhesion to all porous, wood and plastic surfaces. This versatile product can even be used as a stain-block, image transfer and decoupage medium!

Coverage is between 15 to 20 sqm per litre!

Available in: Gloss & Matte


No dilution with water is necessary
Stir content well before use
Granny B's Armour can be applied with a sponge brush, bristle brush or roller
A silicone bristle brush is preferable as there is very little fibre loss.
Apply as the final step over your Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint completed project, for long lasting extra strength protection
2-3 Layers are recommended for high traffic surfaces.
Granny B's Armour is non yellowing, UV resistant, tough, flexible and abrasion resistant that is fast drying and has excellent water resistance
Granny B's Armour will be dry to the touch within an hour
Please seal lid when not in use so as to avoid drying the product out
All equipment can be cleaned with clean water directly after application
Allow to fully cure 72 hours

To use as a stain-block:
Apply over your cleaned or sanded down wooden surface
Use 3 coats, an hour between coats
Allow final coat to cure for 72 hours before commencing the paint-work
Paint with Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint as desired allowing the final coat of paint to dry overnight
Seal your project with Armour again

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